We are looking forward to your participation and wish to provide you with some important information in advance:

Infection protection measures

General measures:

(Status 30.06.2021 - the regulations may still change until the event according to the specifications of the City of Gelsenkirchen):

  • The so-called 3G characteristics must be fulfilled by all participants: Vaccinated, recovered or tested*. The corresponding proofs will be checked at the entrance.
  • In order to be able to maintain the distance of at least 1.5 m between persons, the number of persons on the exhibition grounds will be limited by organisational measures.
  • Easy traceability will be ensured. For this purpose, the Luca app will be used, which each participant must please install on his or her smartphone:
  • There is no general obligation to wear a mouth-nose covering on the outdoor exhibition area (area 1). However, this may be changed at short notice due to changes in the regulations at the time of the exhibition, so that there could be a general obligation to wear a mouth-nose covering on the entire exhibition grounds.
  • However, there is always an obligation to wear a mouth-nose covering at the entrance and exit, the sanitary facilities and in the catering facilities (except at the square).
  • The information or corona rules will be posted at the entrance.
  • Disinfect hands at the entrance - Hand disinfectant dispensers will be placed throughout the exhibition grounds, especially in the entrance and exit areas and in front of the sanitary facilities. Signs will be posted to indicate their use.


Limitation of the number of persons on the exhibition grounds

  • The number of visitors present at any one time will be limited to 990, depending on the exhibition area. The basis for this is the measured figure of 7 m² of accessible exhibition space per person.
  • Admission to the exhibition is only possible after prior registration. The dog exhibitors will be allocated a fixed date and time. Admission to the show area will be granted approximately one hour before the appointment, and after the evaluation the dog must leave the show area quickly.


*The negative result must be confirmed in writing or digitally by one of the test centres provided for in the Corona Test and Quarantine Regulations (negative test certificate). The negative test certificate must be carried along with an official identification document and presented to the responsible persons when making use of the offer. Subject to the stricter requirements of § 28b of the Infection Protection Act, the test may not have been taken more than 48 hours before the offer is taken up.




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