Visit Germany and the famous German-Winner-Show from 25-26 August 2018 in Leipzig

Confirmation of registration & vaccination certificate


Your received your confirmation of registration from us by email as PDF. Please remember to print both pages in order to use the vouchers for the entry and the catalogue. Moreover your need the vaccination certificate with the valid rabies vaccination for your dog.

New hall concept

The rings 1 – 16 in hall 4 will be rearranged. The interior space between the rings is provided as a common area for the exhibitors. This is strictly reserved for exhibitors. The visitor can see all the rings from the outside. Please ensure that the marked escape routes are kept clear. We ask you only to use the provided areas in the vicinity of your ring. Our staff is available on site to answer questions and will show you the corresponding areas. We furthermore ask you to refrain from bringing crate fences.

New VDH show regulation

The new VDH show regulation provides that the use of laserpointer is forbitten. Moreover, it is not allowed to draw the attention on the descent of the shown dog and/or the kennel (for example printing on clothing) - neither in the normal ring nor in the main ring (§ 9). The VDH show regulation is available here:
Vehicle access to the parking areas for exhibitors is via the P2 entrance (address for your navigator system: Handelsring, 04356 Leipzig). The parking fee is 6,00 EUR. Please keep the fee ready for a quick entry.

How to find us:

Caravan parking

Next to the hall with the judging rings there is a large number of parking spaces for caravans. A reservation is not necessary. The fee of EUR 25,00 (gross) per day incl. electricity has to be paid at the entrance gate “Nord 1”.

Further information:

We wish you a pleasant trip to the show and lots of success at the German Winner & International Dog Show at the Leipziger Messe.

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